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Built for real stores, like yours.

The Plujo Online Ordering System was created specifically for businesses with physical storefronts. You don't need an "online store"; you just need a way for your customers to see your products and submit an order for curb-side pick-up or delivery.

Plujo is perfect for your business.

Easier than e-commerce.

Plujo online ordering seamlessly integrates with your existing operations, so you don't have to establish new processes and systems. Here's how it works...

Step 1
Customer Sends Order
Step 2
Store Receives Order
Step 3
Staff Pick Items
Step 4
Contact Customer
Step 5
Pick-Up or Delivery

Simple for your customers.

Plujo websites are carefully designed for simplicity. Your customers are able to find their products and submit an order with ease.

  • Single page shopping experience
  • Customers see their order at all times
  • Quick search by keyword or category

Super fast setup.

Plujo allows you to extend your physical store to online, in a matter of hours - not days or weeks.

Step 1
Import Products

You can add hundreds or thousands of products in minutes.

Step 2
Add Photos

Add product photos by using our library, or taking photos with your phone.

Step 3
Receive Orders

Tell your customers and begin receiving orders immediately.


You can setup your online store now, for free, and grow into the plan that best fits your needs. No contracts. No credit card required to Get Started.

per month
  • Up to 100 Products Listed
  • Up to 10 Orders/Month
  • FAQ Support Only
per month
  • Unlimited Products Listed
  • Up to 100 Orders/Month
  • FAQ & Email Support
per month
  • Unlimited Products Listed
  • Up to 500 Orders/Month
  • FAQ, Email & Phone Support

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